Running in the Dark: Reflective K9 Utility Vest Review

As I said a couple of posts back, I’m working on being a better safer runner in the dark.  One of the two things that I purchased in this effort was the PooBoss K9 Utility Vest.  I found this vest on Amazon for $23.40 (on sale) and it received high reviews on a number of websites, so I took the plunge.  I decided to go with the orange for increased visibility.

Picture from Amazon.

Picture from Amazon.  Not my dog.  


Fortunately both of my pups fall into the same size group: Large.

I have had the vest for almost a week and I can honestly say that I do not have a single complain about this vest.  I have had the vest on both dogs and it has been on walks and runs ranging from a single mile to 5 miles (both road and trails).  Things that I love about this vest:

– It’s lightly quilted.  I LOVE this feature.  Orion has a great winter coat, but poor Koda is not a fan of the cold with her short coat.  We almost always have to put some kind of coat on her to convince her to go outside.  She will actually go find one of her coats in the house and bring it to me if she is cold.  Smart freaking dog.  I love that this has some added warmth and wind protection for her without adding bulk.  This works out very well as most of my running in the dark takes place in the winter.

Koda in one of her sweaters and surrounded by the fluff of fallen stuffed animals.

Koda in one of her sweaters and surrounded by the fluff of fallen stuffed animals.

– You are freaking VISIBLE.  There was a noticeable difference in the speed that cars passed me and the amount of space that they gave me.  I felt significantly safer.

Koda and Orion Night Vest Walking

Orion on the left and Koda on the right. HUGE difference in visibility. HUGE.You can really see the reflective tape is well places and well working.

You can really see the reflective tape is well placed and highly functional.

– Carrying capacity without bulk.  I love our hiking packs for the dogs, but they are bulky and a hassle to put on for a run or walk.  The K9 Utility Vest gives me the daily carrying capacity that I need (keys, poop bags, phone) without any unneeded bulk.  This makes it comfy enough that Koda even enjoys wearing it on daytime walks!  She likes that it keeps her slightly warmer and I like that she gets to carry my phone and keys!

Thanksgiving morning jaunt with Koda girl.

Beautiful Thanksgiving morning jaunt with Koda girl.

Overall, I am extremely happy with this vest:

– Extremely easy to use with a velcro strap at the front and a buckle underneath

– Comfortable for the dogs

– Increases visibility for both me and the dog

I give this product five out of five puppies!

Five puppies!

Five puppies!


Running in the Dark: Reflective K9 Utility Vest Review — 4 Comments

  1. Hi Sweet Girl…
    I read your last few posts and all caught up now :). I miss you!

    Good to hear you’re determination for 2014 redemption is going strong and you’re finding solutions to run even in this evil called “winter”!!! Ha. I employ the help of my treadmill in winter, I can get caught up on Breaking Bad episodes so it’s a win-win thingie. Keep kicking some nighttime running ass!!

    • Hey! I wish I could do the treadmill, but with two high energy pups it’s just not an option. Yay freezing? In other news, I’m trying to plan a trip out to Denver in February or March. We definitely need to meet up again!!!

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