See Jane Run aka Rock & Roll St. Louis Half

The Rock & Roll St. Louis was kind of a victory lap for me.  Running this race would mean that I successfully finished the Halloween Half Marathon and lived to tell the tale.  This race was all about helping a good friend and coworker finish her very first half marathon!

Not only is the Rock & Roll one of my favorite courses, but it is by far my favorite start.  Love seeing the sun come up behind the arch!
This was right before I decided to drop my phone and shatter the screen.  I’m a genius.

My only downside with this race was that it was really effing cold at the start.  I was wearing what I felt like was a ton of clothes and still felt like I was in the arctic.  I hate winter.  In defense of the weather though, it ended up being 100% perfect weather for a race.  I never overheated and dressed in good layers.  Win!
Like I said, this race was all about getting Jane across the finish line which meant that I got to have a freaking blast.  I love motivating people.  Plus, slowing down a little bit gives me a chance to take lots of pictures!
Mile 1
Busch Stadium!  Home of my beloved Cardinals.  Like I said, it’s a great course that takes you to some awesome places.
Looking strong and coming up to the 5K mark.
Mile 8.  My favorite signs from the race.  Hands down.

Around Mile 8 is when things started going wrong.  Jane was having some issues with some very large blisters.  I stopped taking pictures and focused on getting her to the finish.  She was originally aiming for a sub-3:20 finish, but we had to reevaluate.  We started talking about a 3:30 finish being a good new goal to help push her.
Crossing the finish line!
I really had to keep her going in the last mile, but I kept her focused on trying to beat her goal.  And to her credit, she sucked it up and pushed through!  It was slightly heartbreaking though.  We crossed the line at 3:31:13.  So close!  I’m trying to convince her to do another so we can get her the time she wants!
A proud finisher!

I felt like such a proud little mama bear.  She was a bit worse for wear, but she did it!  She promptly went home, ate half a pizza, and passed out.  
So. Proud. 
My bib and medal.  I do love the medals at Rock & Roll races.  It even has a cardinal on it!
My one regret is that I didn’t get a picture of my super awesome race crew.  Fella came out to cheer and brought the pups.  He not only dropped us at the start, but also met up with us twice on the course and at the finish.  Love him.  The dogs both had their packs on and they were a big hit with the crowd.  Everyone loves a working dog!  
They passed out after the race though…which makes three of us.
Another successful race in the books!


See Jane Run aka Rock & Roll St. Louis Half — 5 Comments

  1. How awesome pacing a friend to her first half marathon! She did great, and should be super proud. I love the pic of the dogs passed out at the end. Sounds like it was a big day for everyone!

  2. Whoa, whoa, whoa – where is the picture of that naked cheerleader. Disappointment abounds!

    On a completely clothed note, good for you for helping out a friend do their first.

  3. Great job! This is one that we have to run some day. But the funniest line of this post was "in defense of the weather" … thank you for defending the weather, I'm sure it means a lot … to the weather … ha.

  4. Ahh girl, you have such a big heart!

    The weather at the RnR here in Denver a couple weeks ago was effing cold, too. Does RnR have a contract with the weather gods?

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