Days to marathon: 4

The race is on Sunday.  I’m starting to get really nervous and anxious.  I think I’m ready, but I have doubts as to how ready one can truly be for a 26.2 mile race.  Honestly, I have doubts about the sanity of anyone that would want to run a 26.2 mile race.

I leave early Friday morning for Orlando.  I’ll be going to the expo to pick up my race number and other little trinkets on Friday as well.  Saturday will be a day of resting and mental prep and then it’s game time on Sunday! It’s going to be cold which will be nice actually since it is what I’m used to.  I figure I’ll layer up and then just drop clothes off to my road team (my amazingly supportive parents who are driving up from S. Florida) along the way.

I’m going to go for a short run today and probably a short run tomorrow and then just rest my legs up on Friday and Saturday.  I’m pretty excited at this point.  It’s been a long time coming and regardless of whether I get the time that I want or even finish, it was brave of me to start this.  But you better believe that I’m finishing this freaking race even if I have to crawl!  Game on!

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