Getting back on track….

Days to Marathon: 29

So I got hollered at by a friend today for not keeping this up.  And she’s right.  

In short, I’m pretty well screwed.  I did my best to keep up with training in October and November, but by about mid to late October I was done.  I’m mostly okay with it though.  I took up running in order to relieve stress and keeping up with running would have only added stress to my life.  You see my boyfriend moved to Alaska December 4th.  At first it was spend time with the bf, sleep, or run.  So I picked running and bf.  Eventually it became bf, sleep, run, or grad school applications.  I picked bf and grad school applications.  I don’t regret it, but I am growing increasingly worried about the marathon.  I’ve been running again this week though.  I joined a gym so I can’t use the cold as an excuse.  I’ve been watching what I eat much more so I can get rid of the extra pounds that I’ve packed on.  My body has definitely been letting me know that I haven’t worked out in a while.  It hurts to laugh right now.  I know that my four hour goal is not going to happen, but I’m hoping to be somewhere around five hours (which is like 11:30 per mile).

Wish me luck.

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