Days to marathon: 18

I’m in Florida for the holidays for just over a week and it feels absolutely brilliant to be able to run outdoors again.  I’m not nearly as worried about being able to complete the marathon now.  On a treadmill I want to kill myself after about ten steps, but outdoors I can keep myself busy for at least five miles before I get slightly bored.  Then I’m bored for about a mile and then I’m fine again for about five.  I think I might have slightly strained my right glute aka butt muscle.  It’s really tender today.  I’m going to stretch it and ice it tonight and hope that it feels much better tomorrow.  I really don’t want to have to back off my training at all at this point, but I can’t race injured.

I can’t stress enough how good it feels to be able to run again.  I forgot how much I need that time to just clear my mind and just have me to myself.  I can use that time to either think some things through or to simply clear my mind and calm myself.  Either way, it is very important for my mental stability.  So, while I enjoy winter, I will quite glad when I can begin running outside again in St. Louis and get back into my regular routine.  

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