I’m terrible, I know….

Days to Marathon: 70

So even though I haven’t been posting, I’ve at least still been running.  It’s been insanely terrible weather though, so I am a little behind, but not too off track.  Historically, it has been the rainiest October in history.  Really St. Louis?  Is that really necessary? 

Running has been going well.  The cold is kind of messing with my lungs, but I think once I get used to it, it will be okay.  It’s almost time to join a gym so I have somewhere that I can run inside.  It’s really going to suck if I have to run my 20 milers on a treadmill, but you gotta do what you gotta do. 

In general my body is holding up pretty well.  My knees are slightly declaring war on me.  I think it’s because I haven’t been doing any cross training.  Stupid knees.  Aren’t they aware that I don’t have time for cross training?  Yoga normally placates my knees, so it may be time to add yoga back into my life….

I swear I will try to update at least every three of four days.  I’ve just had a lack of goof off computer time lately between work, grad school research, and rando social nonsense. 

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