The sands of time….or maybe just the beach….

The Boca Raton Community Center offers yoga on the beach, but the best part about it is that the first class is free!  Seeing as I love the beach and I love yoga, I decided that this was a brilliant match made in heaven.  Boy was I wrong!  Did I mention that I hate hate hate sand?  Because I do.  It was very hard to find my center when all I could think for the first half of class was, “Balance…sand…hearts center….sand everywhere…focus…downward dog…sand….ugh!”  Eventually I just gave in and realized that I was going to be incredibly sandy.  Overall it was actually a great experience and very relaxing with the sunset and the ocean in the background.  Note to self: Bring bigger towel.  Less sand then. 

After all that drama (OK, maybe not drama, but did I mention how much I hate sand?  Because I do.), I almost convinced myself that I didn’t need to run.  Yoga was working out right?  Maybe if I want to do a yoga marathon (which is an intriguing idea….).  So I dutifully went out and did my 2.5 mile run.  My right quad isn’t entirely happy with me though, but I did look ultra cute in my new running capris that were my reward from yesterday 🙂

This is for anyone else that is running or wanting to run.  New strategy that I tried out today.  Pick an object on the horizon and focus everything you have on that object.  Literally leave no room for any other thoughts (like “oh dear goodness if I don’t stop running right now I am actually going to die”).  Then when you near that spot, pick a new spot on the horizon.  If done right, this will work for about two consecutive miles before a break is needed.  I’ll let you know if I can get past two miles.  I’m thinking that it may be like meditation and you have to build on it?

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