Friday Favorites – Christmas Edition

Friday Favorites

It’s finally the weekend!  Thank goodness.  These weeks around the holidays just drag on sometimes.  Work is standing between me and Christmas cookies.  It’s a problem.  I also keep forgetting that it’s only a three day work week next week and then proceed to get excited all over again.  Everybody turns into a small child at Christmas!


My neighborhood is wonderful and everyone gets very into Christmas.  Most houses have lights up or inflatables or both.  My favorite inflatable in the neighborhood is actually what inspired me to start out own collection.  I love when people have a sense of humor.

Decapitated Snowman

Decapitated snowman for the win!


You better believe it’s from Love Actually, my favorite Christmas movie.


Fella and I will be taking the pups to the Annual Christmas Boat Parade.  Because this is Florida.  I haven’t been able to go since I was a kid and Fella has never been.  It’s going to be great!  You better believe that the monsters will be in full costume as well.  Now to see if I can get Orion to wear a Santa beard….



Okay, so technically I don’t know if they are my favorite since I haven’t made them yet.  But they look freaking fantastic.  You better believe that these will be made and eaten in the next couple of weeks.



How much do you want to bet that this person is from the Midwest?



So wrong. So so wrong.


Coffee Date – Weekend Catch Up


If we were having a coffee date….

  • I’d tell you about the amazing weekend getaway that Fella and I had this weekend.  We ventured up to Orlando to explore Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure.  It was his first time visiting which made it extra fun.  Things have been really stressful lately, so a relaxing weekend away was pretty much exactly what we needed.  Plus, I got to really indulge my inner geek at Harry Potter World!  Yes, I’m a nerd.  Yes, I’m cool with it.
Dino 1

It’s all fun and games until someone gets eaten. Also, we are terrible actors.

universal 2

#husbandsagainstselfies Fella humored me and let me take as many pictures as I wanted.

  • I’d tell you about how we’re “those” dog parents and took our monsters to get their picture taken with Santa.  I have no regrets.  If I were the kind of person to send out a Christmas card, this is what I would send out.
dogs with santa

I couldn’t possibly caption this picture better than the wonderful Mary from Runs to get Waisted, “Everything about this picture, from Koda’s goofy face, to the middle dog’s irritated side eye to Santa’s shady “could be on an episode of Dateline” face is amazing.”

  • I received my first Christmas present of the year and I think it’s going to be tough to beat.  My wonderful friend Kacy could not believe that I had not seen Gremlins, so he sat me down on Halloween to watch the movie.  I instantly fell in love and wanted my own Gizmo….and now I have one!

My new desk mate and coworker.

  • I would tell you about how I am stressing that there are only two weeks until Christmas and I am way behind on finding the gifts for my important people!  It’s been so bust this year that I lost track of time.  The next two weeks are going to be busy!




#HASHTAGHUMPDAY|A Work in Progress

This is a link up that I have been reading for a while and am finally deciding to tag along.  Who doesn’t love a bunch of super ridiculous hashtags?  First off, the guidelines since it’s my first time linking up:
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Got it?  Let’s go!

So this is my first year that I can decorate for Christmas and I am kind of going crazy with it.  In past years, I always traveled home to Florida for the week of Christmas, so it never made much sense to decorate.  This is a big deal to me since I really love Christmas.  So far we have a real tree, the fireplace is decorated, and there is a wreath on the door.  This weekend’s project is to put all the lights up outside and maybe an inflatable animal of some sort.  #christmascrazy #sorrynotsorry #definitelynotagrinch #Fellamaybealittlescared

Orion and fireplace

Yes, you better believe that our dogs both get stockings.

Apparently I missed the memo that since Fella and I are now married, our reproductive future is open for public discussion.  I’m not exaggerating when I say that almost half of the conversation on Thanksgiving was extended family and friends pushing us to have kids and to do it ASAP.  Excuse me, but I’m fairly sure that this conversation has nothing to do with you.  I know that they all meant no harm in it, but it really is none of their business.  What if we were having reproductive issues?  I think I’m sensitive to it since I have friends who have had problems getting pregnant or have suffered the tragedy of miscarriage.  Fortunately my parents are on board with the wait to have grandkids plan and helped Fella and I steer the conversation in different directions, but these people were relentless. #happydogmom #willhavekidseventually #maybe #eitherwayitsnotyourbusiness #thankfulforsupportiveparents

Currently my favorite type of kid.

Currently my favorite type of kid.

I’m making my way towards being in a shape other than round.  I have really big goals for next year and it’s time to start working towards them.  Moving to Florida was the right decision, but it’s been a lot harder than I expected.  It’s hard losing an awesome support system of friends and moving to working from home.  My average human interaction every day is either virtual or just Fella.  That makes you go a little crazy quickly.  I think I’m finally starting to come through the fog though. #backtowork #biggoals

Who doesn't want to plank after a Turkey Trot? #teamswimbikedork #Ihaveawesomefriends

Who doesn’t want to plank after a Turkey Trot? #teamswimbikedork #Ihaveawesomefriends

And for all you wonderful people up North….eat your heart out!  #floridawintersareamazing #ilivewhereyouvacation #shortsindecember

dogs in ocean

Pits are water dogs, right?

Out of the Fog and into the Randomness

  • I’ve been laid up for the past few days with a nasty cold virus and I’m finally starting to feel like a real person again.  Thank goodness for doctors and drugs!  The worst of it came on Friday with the sore throat.  It was bad enough that I literally couldn’t swallow.  I had to just swish water around in my mouth and spit.  And yes, that’s as gross as it sounds. Fortunately, the doctor prescribed me some antibiotics and cough syrup with codeine.  #sayyestodrugs #ilovedoctorsCough syrup
  • Our house is still a mess from the move and I’m tired of unpacking.  I realize that this is the epitome of First World Problems.  Is it bad to just leave boxes unpacked for months at a time?  I’m sure that I’ll get to it eventually….or they’ll be packed for the next time that we move.  Either way, it’s fine.Unpacking
  • I have a short 30 minute run on deck for tonight.  Hopefully my lungs hold up.  If not, it will turn into a very enjoyable walk with the mutts.
  • Speaking of the mutts, I have a bone to pick with irresponsible dog owners.  First off, please keep your dog on a leash if you don’t have control over him.  Second, I don’t care how small your dog is, it’s not cute when your dog bites someone.  Fella and I were on a walk the other night in the neighborhood when we came across a couple with their dogs in their front yard.  The dogs were not on leash and rushed up to my dogs.  The larger of the two dogs had good social manners, but the chihuahua began snarling and snapped at both Koda and Orion.  The owner simple picked her up and laughed it off.  This is NOT okay.  Here are my problems with the above situation:
    • Fortunately, my dogs are dog friendly, but not all dogs are okay with all other dogs.  If one of my dogs had bitten either of the off leash dogs, it would have been their fault even though they did nothing wrong.  Koda would be in danger of being put down because of her breed.  Again, for doing nothing wrong.  They were both on leash and obeying all laws.  Allowing your off leash dog to bombard any other dog without asking first is irresponsible and asking for trouble.
    • It is neither cute nor funny when your small dog bites or snaps at my larger dog.  I can’t tell you how many people think it’s cute or funny when their small dog tries to bite Koda in particular.  Listen, it’s not cute for your dog to bully my dog or bite my dog.  It’s not cute when your dog draws blood on my dog.  If either of my dogs behaved that way, it would be unacceptable.  The size of your hamster does not excuse the behavior.  End of story.
  • All that being said, the monsters love living down here and cannot get enough of yard sun bathing and pool swimming.  They have both stolen my heart a little bit more this week with their extra cuddles and love.  Somehow they always seem to know when I am sick and under the weather.

    Pitbull with rope

    You’re too sick to play right now, so I’ll just play with this rope instead!

Throwback Thursday

Clips ins bruises


I woke up on Tuesday morning with a killer sore throat and stuffy nose which has only gotten worse.  Trying to slog through my workout on Tuesday felt like I was starting from scratch which led me to look at some of my old pictures.  I really had no idea what I was doing when I first started triathlon.  I didn’t own a bike when I signed up for my first 70.3 (do as I say, not as I do!).  The picture above is from the first time Fella tried to teach me how to clip in to my shiny new bike.  Needless to say, it did not go well.  But I got better.  So if you’re struggling in your training or your weight loss or whatever it is you may be struggling with….remember, it will get better.